Fairy gardening is all about inviting magic into our lives, and believing in the impossible, at any age.


I thoughtfully hand craft one-of-a-kind miniature decorative gardens and hobby planters, to inspire imagination and attract the magic of fairies, gnomes and much more. 

An Illuminated Enchanted Lantern is perfect as a night light in a child's room.
Larger Whimsical Gardens make for beautiful decor in any room of the home, or as a centrepiece of a special celebration that can be enjoyed for years to come. 

Dream-it-Yourself Enchanted Lantern Kits NOW AVAILABLE

Examples of our custom work can be seen on our IG or Facebook profiles.

Orders can be made over the phone [416-602-2099] or email [info@reveriegardens.ca]


Hi, I'm Hailey.

Each Reverie Garden is thoughtfully hand made, in my home, and vetted by an important panel of judges: my three young children. Creating an enchanted garden, with their input, is a pretty sweet thing and this imaginative stage is one I cherish.
Each garden serves as a reminder of an important lesson: to believe in the power of hope, optimism, and the 'unexplainable'

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