Dream-It-Yourself Kit


I am so excited for you to create your own Enchanted Lantern! All of the supplies you need are included, and though how you build it is up to you, I have a few tips:

1. Lay out all your coloured sand and stones in front of you, to decide the order in which you want to add them into the jar. The first layer should be sand, because otherwise it will sift to the bottom and the layers won't be as tidy.

2. You don't need to use ALL of the sand/stones included in the kit, but make sure it is high enough that the stem of the floral will be held in place.

** Between the sand and first layer of stones, I like to pour my glitter around the edges of the jar, so that it looks like a layer of glitter. Don't waste glitter in the centre of the jar, as it will be covered by your next layer.**

3. Once your base layers are done, have fun sprinkling your jewels (and the glitter if you haven't used it yet) however you like and then place your figurine toward the front of the jar. I usually use the side of the jar with writing as my "back" so there is room for the figurine in front.

4.  Once the contents of your lantern are ready, it's time to get your lights. I like to fold the string of lights in half, so that it is doubled up. Then, curl the string around your fingers to make a coil (like a little tornado).


5. Now, place the lights at the top of the jar, place the round metal disc at the top of the jar and gently twist the lid rim into place. 

6. Once you are finished, please remember to keep your one-of-a-kind lantern upright.

7. Now you are all set to #invitemagicin.

I would love to see a photo of your creativity and talent, along with the special spot you have choose for your Enchanted Lantern to sit.

Please send any photos to info@reveriegardens.ca.