Build your own Enchanted Lantern with

Dream-It-Yourself (DIY) Kits

Building an Enchanted Lantern is the perfect quiet activity for little ones that inspires their imaginations, and taps into their creativity. Dream-It-Yourself Kits feature the magic of fairies, gnomes, dragons, pirates and more! 


We provide everything you need to build your own perfect Enchanted Lantern, complete with lights (and batteries!).


Though the packaging may not be as pretty, giving the limited access to supplies, all the essentials are included: 

- character of choice (see list here)

- stones and sand for base (colours according to preference)

- miniature jar of pixie dust

- handmade bouquet of everlasting floral

- a 750ml wide mouth mason jar

- set of 20 bulb LED lights 

- 2x AA batteries


Character Options

  • fairy

  • gnome

  • mermaid

  • pirate

  • woodland creatures

  • llama

  • princess

  • knights

  • dragon

  • My Little Ponies

  • Alice in Wonderland 

    • Queen of Hearts

    • Mad Hatter (SOLD OUT)

    • March Hare

    • White Rabbit

    • Cheshire Cat

    • Alice (SOLD OUT)